In 2016, Community Arts Network invited Aboriginal community members with a connection to Busselton to record their stories as part of CAN’s Bush Babies project series across Noongar country. Interested community members were interviewed by oral historians Bill Bunbury and Jemma King. The collection of stories span memories of childhood, stolen generation experiences, tributes to family members, experiences growing up and living in the Busselton area, local history, Noongar language advocacy and stories of the heroic Samuel Isaacs.

The stories are available to listen to here:

The project also ran painting workshops with final pieces shown in the Keyen Koondarm (One Dream) exhibition. The project culminated with families and students creating the Andalap Djedi Community Collage with its vibrant offshoot, the Andalap Djedi language resource poster. The poster is now on display in the Busselton Library.