Digital Library Update

Kanopy Changes

Kanopy has made some significant changes in how it manages loans, which will make the process more transparent and user-friendly.

Previously, you had 4 Credits per month, and each item cost 2 or 4 credits.  The duration of the loan could vary between items, and it was unclear how long you had certain items for.

Kanopy now uses Tickets.  On the first of each month, you are reset to 8 Tickets.  Items cost between 1 and 5 tickets.  When you loan an item, Kanopy will tell you how long the loan will be.  When you view the items that you have on loan, Kanopy now shows how long remains for each item.  Kanopy Kids items cost 0 tickets!

Below is a list of the number of Tickets different items will use and how long the loan duration is.  TV serials are variable, based on how long the series is.  Longer series, more tickets and longer loan duration.

Film Type Number of Tickets Duration of Loan
Short Films 1 Ticket 72 hours
Arthouse Films 2 Tickets 72 hours
Major Studio Films 4 Tickets 48 hours
TV Series 2-5 Tickets 3-21 days