I loved this book, which is really two books in one, linked by the memoir left by Meggie Tulloch [“Fish Meggie”] for her grand-daughter Laura. Originally written for Laura to read when she is twenty one, the three volumes of exercise books don’t reach her till three decades later when she is the mother of an adult fireman son who has been terribly injured in a fire.

Meggie’s story begins in a fishing village near Aberdeen in the north east of Scotland in 1891 and her history is told with amazing detail while taking the reader through her journey to womanhood including falling in love with her soulmate Magnus Tulloch.

Meggie arrives in Fremantle in 1910 and within a few years they face further sadness as World War One consumes their lives. Throughout her life Meggie shows incredible courage and spirit and her voice, so authentic and so beautiful, writing to her beloved grand-daughter becomes an amazing gift communicating with her when she is so consumed with her fears for her son.

The landscape of Perth and Fremantle feels so familiar and the gift of a grandmother’s love touches your soul.

Reviewed by Lee-Anne

Title: Elemental
Author: Amanda Curtin

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