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Improve your nutrition to enhance your gut health with Natalie Woodman, internationally recognised expert on Gut Microbiome.

Gut health is fundamental to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, optimal immunity, a stable mood and optimal sleep. Join Natalie to learn how to look after your Microbiome.

She’s a published author, speaker, coach, radio presenter, regular podcast guest, newspaper and magazine contributor, and has talent for translating cutting-edge scientific research about the Gut Microbiome into “everyday speak”.

Her engaging, funny and witty manner is sure to keep your captivated.

In this talk Natalie will talk about:

  • What your Gut Microbiome is, and the role it plays in your health.
  • Foods that diminish your Microbiome, Foods that enhance your Microbiome.
  • Lifestyle elements that diminish your Microbiome, Lifestyle elements that enhance your Microbiome.

This is a FREE event with light refreshments available.

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