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“Before we learnt the technique I remembered 4 out of 10. Afterwards, I got 10 out of 10 in order.” – Jordan Gregory-Hunt

Join us for a 60 minute fun and interactive seminar with Accelerated Learning Expert, Ben Colman, designed for any level of ability. Learn simple memory tools that can help you remember things like names and faces, birthdays, foreign languages, history, or maybe just where you parked the car.


Can Anyone Improve Their Memory?

In a word: Yes!

Consider the following results, from Memory Championship competitions:

2018 World Records include:

  • 302 random words memorized within 15 minutes
  • 1,924 playing cards memorized in order, within an hour
  • A shuffled deck of cards memorized in order, in 13.96 seconds

These stunning feats may appear attainable only by a “Rainman” type character. However, the people who practice mnemonics or memory improvement don’t consider themselves especially gifted. Instead, they consider themselves “mental athletes” who improve their abilities through regular practice:

“None of our competitors was born with a great memory. They have all achieved their great results by learning simple techniques and practising.” – Raymond Keene, Chess Grandmaster & World Memory Sports Council Global President.


Ben Colman – Accelerated Learning Expert

When Ben was 15 years old, he came across a book by 8-times World Memory Champion, Dominic O’Brien. O’Brien, who had no previous gifting in memory, had taught himself to memorize a shuffled deck of playing cards in less than a minute. Impressed by this world record feat, Ben embarked on a quest of discovering memory techniques, speed reading, and other accelerated learning systems. He was able to use these tools to drastically reduce his study time, while still gaining the top mark in high school of 99.35. Since then, he continues to use the memory techniques to learn foreign languages, and today he teaches others how to improve their memory in everyday situations.

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