The Golden Feather Hunt is back!

Not only may the Busselton and Dunsborough Libraries be hiding WHITE, SILVER or GOLDEN feather-shaped bookmarks among the children’s and young adult books. Both Libraries also have a special 💜AMETHYST💜 feather, which comes with an instant book prize.

If you find one of the hundreds of black and white feathers in amongst our libraries then lucky you! You can colour it in, use it as a bookmark, and have your photo taken! Post to social media, use the hashtag #goldenfeatherhunt, and go into the draw to win a spot prize!

There are only 20 of these lucky feathers in the whole state! Find one of these and you win an awesome signed book!

This is the ultimate prize, and a few years ago a golden feather was found in the Busselton Library! (There are only FIVE in the whole of WA!) Do we have one hidden this year? You’ll have to come hunting to find out! If you find a Golden Feather, tell a library staff member right away so they can guide you on how to claim your big prize!

Good luck everyone and let the hunt commence!

Golden Feather Hunt 2022