Stuck at home? Why not join online for a FREE temporary membership to access eBooks, eAudiobooks, eFilms, eMagazines, music, languages and more. 

Step 1: Visit the City of Busselton Libraries website:

Step 2: Click the Library Catalogue button under Quick Links.

Step 3: Click the Log into your Account button under Quick Links.

Step 4: Click on the Not a member? Join Online green link.

Step 5: Complete the Online Registration Form.

*Make sure to remember your PIN as this is required to log into our eResources website. A popular PIN is 6280- Busselton’s postcode.

Step 6: You will then be given a Temporary ID.

Congratulations, you have now joined online and can start accessing library eResources using your Temporary ID and Pin.

Please note “Join Online” memberships are only for temporary access to eResources and will expire after 6-months.

If you would like to make your membership permanent and start borrowing physical items once the libraries re-open, all you need to do is visit either Busselton or Dunsborough the library and bring identification with your name and address displayed.

You will then receive a Library Membership card which will give you access to all of the Libraries resources.

We will keep our community updated on when our libraries will re-open, but for now please enjoy the electronic services we have on offer.

Click here to download our Join Online brochure.