Project Description

Lance AVERY was born on September 22, 1905 on the farm ‘Tanjanerup’ about three miles from Nannup. His mother was Comfort Molly Blythe who was also born at Nannup where her mother was the first postmistress and his grandfather was fond of the Bibbulmun aboriginal tribe, helping them as much as he could. Comfort’s family was one of the first in the district – her father was born at Picton in 1848. Lance’s father was Richard Thomas Avery from Jamestown in South Australia. He died at 52 when Lance’s mother was 40.

Lance describes early days in Nannup, Cundinup, Jarrahwood, Yoongarillup and Busselton. He talks about his recollections of aborigines in the Nannup area. Lance attended school at Cundinup and Yoongarillup until 14 years of age.

On leaving school he had an association with Group Settlers, delivering milk to them, clearing land and building homes on the Group Settlers’ blocks. Throughout his life Lance was associated with timber – sleeper cutting and carting; scrub rolling for Lawley Reilly at Nungarin; cutting and selling firewood; bridge building and sawmilling. At one time he made axe handles and supplied a large outlet in Perth. He also foundered at Yoongarillup and Acton Park.

His wife, Doris, became Western Australia State champion archer. Lance coached Alice Rumke (Pinnock) and she became an Australain Chanpion.

Before his retirement, Lance built and set up a workshop for the Forestry Department at Ludlow. He made furniture and turned bowls on his lathe after retirement.