Project Description

Gregory Guy EVANS, known as Greg, was interviewed by Margaret Dawson for the Busselton Oral History Group (Inc) on the 10th July 2014. It is one of a series of recorded interviews recorded with ex-service personnel funded by Lotterywest to celebrate the Anzac Centenary.

Greg was born in Subiaco, Western Australia, on the 16th of February 1968. His parents were Geoffory and Judith Evans, nee Pilmer. Greg attended Dalkeith Primary School then Scotch College.
He left school at 17 and enlisted in the Australian Army in June 1987. Initial training was at Kapooka near Wagga Wagga New South Wales. He then went to Singleton for his infantry training and, in January 1988, to Townsville to the First Battalion or 1RAR, for further training.

In January 1993 they went to Somalia as part of operation ‘Restore Hope’ with the United Nations to provide a safe environment for the distribution of humanitarian relief. They secured Baidoa airfield and ensured the safety of food convoys.

They destroyed many mines. Many of the local children were undernourished and had injuries as a result of coming in contact with exploding grenades.

The only soldier to lose his life in Somalia was from 1RAR. Shrapnel wounds as the result of exploding grenades were suffered by other men in the battalion.

After 119 days they handed over to the French Foreign Legion and flew out of Mogadishu Airport to Townsville. They were presented with a Service Medal for the time spent in Somalia. Greg was discharged in February 1994.

Greg and his then partner, Judy, renovated a house in Townsville then married and moved to Busselton to live. They had two sons, Alex and Jack. Greg works for a mining company in Capel and lives in Busselton with his partner Sheree.

He suffered joint damage and many years later he found out that he had picked up a parasite, Strongyloides, while in Somalia.

He joined the Busselton RSL. Greg gives his opinions on war in general and later day conflicts such as Iraq and Afghanistan.