Project Description

Ebenezer HARRIS (Eb) was born in 1905 in Quindalup. His father, related by marriage to the Rose and Dellaporte families, was born there in 1870.

The Harris family lived on 50 acres of land in Quindalup at Toby’s Inlet. They made a living mostly by a barter system with neighbours. The children schooled at Quindalup. Eb talks about family members; the shoreline, beach and jetty at Quindalup; the family home with fruit trees, grape vines, and a vegetable garden, and their cooking methods and facilities.

The family bought stores from Busselton and had special treats at family picnics and fun days. Eb enjoyed music and played the violin. He recalls the depression, working on the roads, the effects of World War II on the area, going to war in the Navy and the end of the war celebrations.

Eb went fishing with Alby Smith in the ocean and the lagoon and describes Toby’s Inlet and the fishing there.

After leaving school he lived with and worked for Klaehns, a German family. He and friends, Billy Strahan, Lionel Pearson and Nutty Sloan (who sold fish to Caves House), had different fishing boats over the years.

He talks of the development of West Ocean Canning Company, mending the nets, bait fishing, the different types of berley used, the different varieties of fish, changes in the size of fish – especially salmon, lobsters, whales, and sea pests such as blowies and stingers. He was associated with Michael Kailis and sold his fish to the markets. Eb was a founding member of the Fishermen’s Advisory Committee and was made a life member of the Fishermen’s Association.

Eb married Thelma Robinson, whom he met at a dance in Quindalup, in 1930. They lost a baby and Thelma was greatly affected by it for years. He played cricket for Yallingup then Marybrook and built a tennis court on the farm. He joined the Busselton Tennis Club, became President and was made Life member.

Although Eb joined the Bowling Club in 1947, he only started playing from 1950. He was made a life member of the Club.