Project Description

Helen Frances HART (nee Clinton, known as Peggy or Peg) was born on 26 February, 1920, at Collie. Her father, Alfred Joseph Clinton, was born on 23 September, 1893 in Busselton, and her mother, Ethel Lillian Mewett, was born on 21 September, 1891 at Quindalup. Her mother’s parents were Alfred Mewett (who worked at Yelverton Mill), born on 19 October, 1857 in Busselton and Caroline Smith born on 5 October, 1855 at Quindalup. Her father’s parents, Hugh Francis Clinton and Helen McGregor, were both born in Busselton.

The family moved to Busselton from Kirup near Jarrahwood in 1929 where her father was a benchman at the timber mill at Claymore until it burnt down. It was the Depression and times were tough so he went on Sustenance. Peg went to live at her Nana’s farm at Quindalup after badly injuring her foot. The farm was next to Bill Harwood’s, Cecil Smith’s and George Harris’s farms.

Peg schooled at the Convent in Busselton then Quindalup School. Growing up she went to dances at the Quindalup Agricultural Hall and attended New Year’s Day Quindalup Races. In 1938 she started going out with Bill Harwood (William Clarence Harwood who was born on 18 March, 1907, in Busselton) who took her to all the dances and the open-air pictures in Dunsborough. They married in March 1942 and had a son Colin born in Busselton on 30 December, 1943 and a daughter Janice born in Busselton on 5 October, 1948.

In 1962 Bill died of cancer. Peg sold the farm and moved into town to live in 1966. After three years, she married Jack James Hart (born on 25 July, 1912 in Kettering, England) who, unbeknown to Peg, used to work with Bill years before. He had a farm and used to milk cows and cart potatoes and cattle.

Jack sold his farm after they were married and they went to England for a trip. After they returned from England he became ill and died of cancer on 8 February, 1981.