Project Description

Eva HOGG (nee Glasby) was born in Yorkshire on 15 October, 1908. Her grandparents owned orchards and her father, Arthur William, served in WWI then later became a coal miner. Her mother, Mary Alice (nee Hulse), was born in Derbyshire.

She left school at 12 and became a governess. Eva had two sisters, Vera and Jean, and a brother, Arthur. She tells of her life in England. The family migrated to Australia in 1925 on the SS Morton Bay and moved into a tin shack on Group Settlement 124, 15 miles from Busselton.

Eva recalls her life on the Settlement share-farm, including land clearing, their food, the tools they used, milking cows and selling the milk and cream. They increased their Jersey cow herd for better cream production.

Eva moved in to Busselton after she left school and worked for a butcher, then Whitelands Greengrocery. She recalls the layout of the township at the time.

In 1933 the family purchased their own farm nearer Busselton which they worked until retiring and selling it in 1954. Eva married Leslie Arthur Hogg in 1935. They had no children. They moved to Perth and lived at Shenton Park, then Nedlands.

Eva talks about her brother and sisters and their families, the changes brought by the floods in 1925, the Depression in 1933 and WWII.