Project Description

Leslie Arthur HOGG (Les) was born in London on 29 May 1905, second son of a family of four boys, William Ernest, Leslie Arthur, Bertram and Samuel, and a girl, Ruby Edith. Three other children did not survive.

He left school at 14 and worked for a monumental mason polishing marble, then trained as an electrician. His father, William George, was a painter and decorator. He and Les’s mother, Alice Mary (nee Sharp) both died in 1921 when Les was 16. He and three siblings migrated to Australia in 1923 sponsored by his sister who married Arthur Wilson who manufactured aerated waters in Busselton.

Les talks about Arthur’s parents and sisters who sailed with them on the SS Ormond, and the history of their families. Les recalls his first impression of Busselton on his arrival when he lived with his sister, then in various boarding houses, including Sussex House. He worked part-time at the power house as an electrician and the rest with the Busselton Shire. Les joined the Volunteer Fire Brigade and the Busselton Brass Band.

Les talks about the power system in Busselton and tells of some incidences whilst working as Fire Station Keeper when he lived in rooms behind the Fire Station. In 1925 the power station caught fire and had to be rebuilt. He talks about other fires, in particular those at Sussex house.

He became engaged to Eva Glasby on her 21st birthday, married in Busselton in 1935 and honeymooned in Harvey. They had no children of their own, his only remaining family being the four children of his sister Ruby who died at the age of 71, and her husband, Arthur, who died at 77 years of age.

After the marriage, Les decided to move to Perth to secure more permanent work and, almost immediately, he got a job in Fremantle where he remained for 43 years working as foreman. He and Eva lived at Shenton Park then Nedlands.