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Put Your Feet in the Dirt, Girl, by Sonia Henry

Cover of Put your Teet in the Dirt, Girl, by Sonia Henry.

Sonia, in her mid-thirties, a newly qualified doctor, decides to run from her life in Sydney because of an unfortunate romantic affair which had left her emotionally scarred. Because of Covid restrictions made going overseas impossible, she offered to work in remote medical clinics in the Pilbara outback, NSW, NT and Broome.

For two years she worked in some of the remotest parts of Australia, and in that time learnt more about herself, more about the inequalities of the medical system in regional and remote areas, and more about listening to the land. Sometimes her style is repetitive and ‘preachy’ but it is passionate and refreshingly honest.

This was an interesting and informative read.

4/5 Stars