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Put your Feet in the Dirt, Girl, by Sonia Henry

Cover of Put your Teet in the Dirt, Girl, by Sonia Henry.

A modern outback medical journey by a GP and writer who accepted a position as a GP in remote Western Australia. With her travel plans on hold due to the Pandemic and recovering from a toxic relationship, Sonia spent 2 years working in some of the remotest parts of the country.

She became incensed by the disparity between medical services in the cities as opposed to rural areas, by the wealth of the major mining companies and their failure to finance the health needs of their employees, and in particular the sub-standard health facilities provided to First Nations people.

The author relates her experiences with humour and energy, though sometimes her style is random and repetitive, but she admits that she is still “finding herself” and her place in the world and there is an honesty about her writing that is refreshing and lacking in pretentiousness.

4/5 Stars