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Wolfe Island, by Lucy Treloar.

Cover of Wolfe Island, by Lucy Treloar.

This is the second novel that I have read by this Australian author and I enjoyed it immensely. Another dystopian novel where world order and climate are challenged and set on a remote island in Chesapeake Bay (USA).

Wolfe Island is “falling into the sea” and Kitty Hawke, a strong and independent and practical artist, is the only remaining resident on the island with her wolf dog Girl. Having abandoned her family, her peace is threatened by the sudden arrival of her 16 year old granddaughter, her mercurial friend Josh, and a brother and sister (migrants) who are clearly on the run. Kitty agrees to help the young people to escape to the mythical “North”, encountering violence and danger on their perilous trip.

The novel is highly atmospheric and immersive, quite scary in fact as it portrays a state of anarchy and a disintegrating landscape in the not too distant future. Treloar’s descriptive style, her observance of the natural world and her empathetic characterization makes Wolfe Island a compulsive read.

4/5 Stars