Library Staff Recommendation

Flesh Wounds, by Richard Glover

Cover of Flesh Wounds, by Richard Glover.

A biography from the author of The Land Before Avocado (which I loved). So, so witty, and poignant all at once.

He grew up with ‘absent parents’, an alcoholic father and a narcissistic mother who invented an upper-class background for herself which turned out to be total lies. The first half of the book is Richard’s self-deprecating memoir of his childhood, and the second half his quest to find out the truth about his family origins.

As a 70’s child myself I loved this delve back into that era. Many of his amusing anecdotes bringing back similar memories. And truly, his description of how he was the first artificial insemination baby in Australia (as his mother refused to ever have sex with his father not once in the 12 years they were married) is hilarious!

4/5 Stars

Reviewed by Jules.