Book Club Sets

Would you like to be in a book club but not sure where to start? Are you already in a book club, but looking for some new books to read?

Busselton Libraries and some other libraries in the One Library network hold book club sets that are available for loan. You can browse and reserve available titles on the library catalogue.

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Book Club FAQ

Book Club Frequently Asked Questions

Book club sets contain multiple copies of a selected title packaged in a carry bag. The minimum number of books in each set is 5, but varies up to a maximum of 12. Where available, Reading Notes containing information about the book and the author, are included with each set. Attached to the outside of the bag is a laminated card that displays the book cover, a summary of the book and also the quantity of books within the set.

Lists of the book club sets are available from the library or via our online catalogue:

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To borrow a set, your club must be a registered member of the library. Your club will be issued with a book club library membership card. Book clubs may share this membership card amongst their club. Your membership card must be used to borrow sets from the library. The set must be borrowed as a total set. If your book club has only six members, you must still borrow the whole set. An easy way around this is to leave the unused books in the bag.
Book club memberships are organized at your library and must be done in person. The library will require two members of the club to be willing to give their details as book club contacts and one person to sign and accept the ‘Conditions of Use’ on behalf of the club.
The loan period for book club sets is six weeks. This allows time for the new book set to be collected prior to your next meeting.
Book club sets are issued as a single item but each of the books within the set is individually numbered. This number can be used to record which book club member has each book.
Yes – holds may be placed with the assistance of library staff or via the catalogue on the library website. A maximum of two holds at any one time are available to book clubs:
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The books must be returned as a complete set, including the Reading Notes if present. The set can be returned to any library within the One Library South West consortium during opening hours. Due to the size of book club sets, it is not possible to return them through the normal returns or after hours return chute. Please give the bag to a library staff member.
As per the Conditions of Use, the book club as a group are financially responsible for the books. If the damage is minor, the library will repair if at all possible. If the damage is major, or if a book is lost, the book club is required to provide a good quality replacement copy of the same title.