Local Studies Highlight

Jinkers & Whims: A Pictorial History of Timber-Getting

Cover of Jinkers & Whims, by Jack Bradshaw.

Throughout the month of March, we are celebrating the Busselton & Southwest Heritage Festival, with this year’s theme being “Timber!”  The Busselton Library, as part of Local Studies, is highlighting this festival through a timber-themed display.  In this display, you can find Jinkers & Whims: A Pictorial History of Timber-Getting by Jack Bradshaw.

Jinkers & Whims is a chronicled detailed look at the logging industry and rich timber history of Western Australia, tracing back over the last 150 years, and a tribute to those a part of it. Complete with over 100 accompanying B&W photographs (and detailed captions) dating back from the 1890s to the present day, this fascinating read is part of our Archive Collection. You can find this book in our catalogue, and it is accessed by appointment via the form below.

There are many items from our Local Studies Collection, such as oral history recordings, that can be borrowed from the Busselton and Dunsborough libraries.  These can be found in the Local Studies section.  Items from the archives, held at Busselton Library, such as books and transcripts, can also be accessed by appointment. You can contact our Local Studies officer via this form to request access to archive material to view at Busselton Library. To learn more about the Local Studies Collection, visit our Local Studies page.