New Acquisitions Highlight

Junior Books

We have recently received a large number of new Junior books.  There are a couple of things we are especially excited about and want to share with you!

Cover of Isla of Adventure #1, by Dela Costa.

We have a new series called Isla of Adventure, by Dela Costa.  This is an adventure series set on a tropical island about an eight-year-old girl name Isla, who can speak to animals.  These beginning chapter books are perfect for children aged 5-9.

The Wonder of Little Things, is the story of Vince Copley: Ngadjuri Elder, activist, and sports star.  It is an inspiring story with a simple message.  It will connect all children with a message of humble courage, strength, and vision against the odds.  This is the Young Readers Edition of his biography previously published for adults.

Cover of The Wonder of Little Things, by Vince Copley.

These are just a taste of what new titles we have in our collection.  To see more of our recent acquisitions, visit our New Item page.