Project Description

Allan John MARSHALL was born in Busselton on 6 March 1925. His father was Joseph Ankram Marshall born in Armagh, Ireland on 4 March 1874 who migrated to Australia in 1909. His mother, Grace Pretoria (nee Tunnadean), was born in Norwich, England, 6 Sept 1900.

They married in London in 1919 then went to Australia on the Demascules. They farmed at Wagin, moved to Busselton in 1922 to a farm on Sussex Location 1868 until 1927, then to Sussex Locations 1849 and 1850 where they lived for 60 years. Allan had two older brothers, Thomas Vincent born 1921, and Edward Gilbert born 1922.

Allan describes their Group home and its harsh living conditions. He attended Kalgup School from February 1931 to December 1935 when it closed and Allan, one brother and two others went to Walsall school or ‘124 School’. He left school at 14 and did most of the work on the farm because his father was ill.

Allan recalls church services held in Group homes, the Tennis Club, badminton in the Kalgup hall, where they held regular dances from 1925, and the Acton Park Soccer Club. As well as his own milking, after the war Alan worked for a neighbour, Mr Brown, doing general duties and clearing three acres for an ornamental garden.

Allan recalls the Hill and Lowe aboriginal families who lived on the Nannup Road, the railways, the first telegraph line, timber and the Busselton Jetty wharf, the Depression and changes during WWII.

Alan married Dallas May (nee Hutchins – born 20 October, 1933) on 5 March 1960 in Busselton. They had two children, Robert in 1962 and Jane Helen in 1965. Dallas and the children helped with fencing and clearing, moving stock, milking and haymaking.

Allan discusses the changes to Busselton over the years, the businesses and infrastructure and sporting clubs. He talks about fires, floods, cyclone Alby and the devastation they caused. Allan joined the Farmers’ Union when he was15, as well as the Junior Farmers, the Historical and Genealogical Societies, the Agricultural Show committee, and the Collectors’ Club.