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A Better Place, by Stephen Daisley

Cover of A Better Place, by Stephen Daisley.

Stephen Daisley is an outstanding writer who has been compared to Henry Lawson. He is a New Zealander living in Western Australia, but has a deep empathy with his home country.

Daisley writes sparsely but every word is essential. His characters live and the reader lives his/her life with them. A Better Place is a graphic depiction of twin brothers from rural New Zealand, who enlisted at 19, in 1939, and between them experience the horrors of the campaign in Greece, Crete, North Africa, Italy and a prisoner of war camp at Krakow.

The details of their war may be confronting for some readers but these boys, who became men under the most brutal of circumstances, are beautiful character and it has been a privilege to meet them.

4.5/5 Stars