Recommended by the Reviewers Club

In a Thousand Different Ways, by Cecelia Ahern.

Cover of In a Thousand Different Ways, by Cecelia Ahern.

Cecelia is an Irish author who has sold 25 million books. She has a lively writing style and has chosen an interesting subject. The main character sees auras and it is all about her experience (how it affects her throughout her life).

The first half of the book is very engaging, revealing how the various colours represent feelings and emotions. It is therefore very easy to read people. However, it can be problematical. In the process, she meets a healer and manages to resolve her challenges somewhat.

I was excited to see what was coming but then it became just a snapshot of the rest of her life, jumping from one thing to another. Marriage, children, death. It did not flow or lead to using the aura readings in positive ways.

2.5/5 Stars