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Learned by Heart, by Emma Donoghue

Cover of Learned by Heart, by Emma Donoghue.

Based on a true story, this novel tells of an illicit lesbian relationship between 2 young school girls in 1805’s York, England.

Eliza Raine was a bi-racial girl (British father, Indian mother) who was sent from India to England for her education as an eight year old girl, she is very aware of her dark skin and is incredibly lonely until the charismatic and fearless Ann Lister arrives at the school and befriends her. The love relationship between the girls develops at a rapid pace until Lister is sent home and Eliza lives on the memories of this affair.

Fast forward to Eliza at 24 who is now institutionalised in a mental asylum, pining for her lost love. She never really recovers.

4.2/5 Stars