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No Trace, by Michael Trant

Cover of No Trace, by Michael Trant.

This is the third book by this author, who is a WA country boy having had a variety of careers ranging from farmer to marine draftsman, pastoralist and FIFO pot washer. Michael writes with an authentic rural voice, drawing on his experiences to open readers to places and lifestyles foreign to many.

Gabe has moved on from the Gasgoyne to Goldmont station in the Pilbara area to escape the ‘bad boys’ who will come for revenge since he busy open a major criminal operation and left a dozen men dead.

But when Goldmont Station opens its gates to city folk eager for an outback experience, are these guests really in fact tourists? Unexplained incidents start to happen at the station, as well as major flooding suddenly cutting off all exit roads. Is this the end of the road for Gabe the dogger and station dogsbody? A good outback thriller!

4.9/5 Stars