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The Last Summer, by Karen Swan

Cover of The Last Summer, by Karen Swan.

Karen Swan is the Sunday Times bestselling author of 22 books, and her novels sell globally. Two books are written each year. Before becoming and author, Karen was a fashion editor.

This story is set in the summer of 1930 on St Kilda, a remote Scottish Island in the Outer Hebrides. Eighteen-year-old Effie Gillies has lived all her life on St Kilda. Lord Sholto, heir to the Earl of Dumfries, visit, the attraction between them is instant. Two strangers from drastically different worlds. Effie guides the handsome young visitor around the isle, falling in love for the first time – until a storm hits and her world falls apart. Three months later, St Kilda falls silent as the islanders – 36 of them – 23 adults and 13 children, are evacuated for a better life on the mainland.

4.5/5 Stars