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The Man who died Twice, by Richard Osman

Cover of The Man Who Died Twice, by Richard Osman.

This is part of the Thursday Murder Club Mystery series about a quartet of elderly residents in an English retirement village, who tackle cold case murders.

It is entertaining, light reading, if a trifle banal and unbelievable. Being of a similar demographic age and culture-wise, I find it somewhat unlikely they would have the energy and bravery, let alone the skills, to take on and solve such intricate and dangerous mysteries.

Having said that one is a retired M16 spy with connections, one a psychiatrist, who is in need of a psychiatrist, one former union boss who is used to the rough and tumble of life, and the other a homebody full of grit and home-spun wisdom. How could they fail? The characters do grow on one as the book progresses.

3/5 Stars