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The Paris Agent, by Kelly Rimmer

Cover of The Paris Agent, by Kelly Rimmer.

A work of fiction, based on a true story. The story starts in 1944, with 4 women who are political prisoners being transported to a destination unknown to them, by German Guards.

25 years after the end of the War, and the recent death of his wife, Noah Ainsworth has a need to find Remy, a cohort during the war, who saved Noah’s life. But a critical head injury has left Noah with memory gaps.

In 1970, Noah’s daughter, Charlotte, begins a search for answers, leading her to the lives of two ordinary women, Eloise and Josie, who in 1943 are called up by the British Special Organisation Executive (SOE) for deployment in France to help with the Resistance movement.

Each chapter is written in the first person with background into their activities, their emotional experiences, and relationships with each other. I found that this book is not a quick read due to the numerous name changes given to the spies, it is sometimes difficult to work out who’s who.

This is a good read, being a tale of mystery, double agents and heroes.

4.6/5 Stars