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Vita and the Birds, by Polly Crosby

Cover of Vita and the Birds, by Polly Crosby.

A hugely evocative and beautifully written dual-timeline tale. 1938 and 1997. Lady Vila Goldsbury lives in the menacing shadow of her controlling brother. But when she meets local artist, Dodie Blakeney, the two women form a close bond and Vila finally glimpses a chance to be free.

In 1997, following the death of her mother, Eve Blakeney returns to the coast where she spent childhood summers with her beloved grandmother Dodie. Eve hopes the visit will help her make sense of her grief – she finds a bundle of letters written between Dodie and Vila. What she discovers will overturn everything she thought she knew about her family and change her life forever. A happy ending.

4.5/5 Stars