Library Staff Recommendation

RecipeTin Eats: Dinner, by Nagi Maehashi

Cover of RecipeTin Eats: Dinner, by Nagi Maehashi.

This is the best cookbook I have found in a long time.  I have been using it for about nine months now, and have settled on about a dozen recipes falling into regular use.

The book contains a wide variety of recipes to choose from, ensuring most tastes can be met.  Most of the recipes fall into the ‘weeknight meal’ category too, meaning you can easily fit them in after work.  The recipes are easy to follow and have surprisingly dramatic results for how little effort they require.  Each recipe also contains a QR code to a video where you can see Nagi cooking the meal.  These are worth watching before trying something new, as you can see how the elements should be combined, and how things should look at different stages.

5/5 Stars

Reviewed by Rebecca.