Library Staff Recommendation

Sea of Tranquility, by Emily St John Mandel

Cover of Sea of Tranquility, by Emily St John Mandel.

This book was a wild ride. The mystery is what initially drew me into the book, but it was the characters who captivated me as it went further along.

The chapters will jump between different characters in different time periods, but they are all connected via the central mystery. How some of these are connected is not initially apparent but becomes clear in time. Despite the broad cast, the characters were all distinct enough that I instantly knew who they were and which time period we were in, even if we had not continued their story for several chapters.

The book’s protagonist is an especially interesting figure. Though his character arc is largely predictable, there still managed to be a few surprises along the way and he was such a thoroughly sympathetic character that you could not help but wish for his success.

4/5 Stars

Reviewed by Rebecca.