Library Staff Recommendation

Tell Me Why, by Archie Roach

Cover of Tell Me Why, by Archie Roach.

Archie Roach’s autobiography, I found this to be a fascinating window into a life very different to my own.  He provides a first-person account of being in the Stolen Generation, his subsequent life on the streets as an alcoholic, then how he cleaned-up and eventually found a career in music.  From the first chapter to the last, I found myself enthralled by his story, and impressed by the way it shaped him as a person.

I found it quite an emotional journey.  The connections he made with people over the years, and the many he lost in that time.  The inspiring nature of how he changed the direction of his life and was then able to share his experiences through song.  His search for culture, and then helping others with their own search.  His story was one that moved me.

For this title, I listened to the audiobook version.  It is read by Archie Roach himself, and many chapters include musical interludes.  Hearing his story delivered in his own voice added weight, and the music was songs he had written that were inspired by those events in his life.  I felt this added an extra dimension to the book and would especially recommend this format.

5/5 Stars

Reviewed by Rebecca.